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Filmová recenzia: Lillian, A, 2019 (IFF Cannes)

Titul: Lillian, Rakúsko, 2019 Scenár a réžia: Andreas Horvath Ulrich Seidl Production, Cannes Director´s Selectin Log-Line The treatise on the complete liberation of man – coming slowly, yet unexpectedly – could certainly end in the iconic setting of New York. On the contrary, the seasoned Austrian documentary filmmaker symbolically begins his feature debut in them. […]

Filmová recenzia: Goldie, USA, 2019, 88´IFF Berlinale

Žáner/Genre: Drama Krajina: USA, 2019, 88´ Réžia/Director: Sam de JongScreenplay: Sam de JongCamera: Shawn PetersMusic: Nathan HalpernStarring: Slick Woods, George Sample III, Danny Hoch, Khris Davis, Mugga, DeShawn White, Thaddeus Daniels, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Ito Aghayere, Demi Singleton STORY-LINE Goldie, a precocious teenage girl from a foster family, declares war on the system to keep […]

Filmová recenzia: Mes frères, Moji bratia, F, 2018, 104´

Krajina: Francúzsko, 2018, 104´ Plot Keywords: parade | fanfare | island | father son relationship | brother/brother relationship Žánre/Genres: Drama | Family | Music What we don’t say gets accumulated in our body, filling our soul with voiceless screams. What we don’t say does not die, it kills us instead. Režisér/Director: Bertrand GuerryScenár/Screenplay: Sophie DavoutHudba/Music: […]

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