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Filmová recenzia: Słodki koniec dnia, 2019, POL

Słodki koniec dnia, 2019, 92´ Film notary: The story of an intellectual in a life crisis takes place in Tuscany. Maria Linde – Polish poet, Nobel Prize laureate, celebrates her 65th birthday with her family and friends. Her stable family life flows in the calm rhythm of the Italian province until her relationship with the […]

Filmová recenzia: Vitaj umelá inteligencia, Hi, Ai, 2019, USA

Titul: Hi, Ai, USA, 2019 Program One World Film Festival, Bratislava, 2019 Réžia / director | Isa Willinger Krajina / country | Nemecko / Germany Jazyk / language | angličtina, japončina, nemčina, taliančina/ English, Japanese, German, Italian Titulky / subtitles | slovenčina / Slovak Dĺžka filmu / length | 90′ Vhodné od / rating | 12+ English Paragraphs   Humanoid robots are like new creatures on our planet. They work at reception desks, in […]

Filmový recenzia: SWATTED, Swat za dverami, 2018, GER

Titul: Swatted/ Swat za dverami Filmový festival Jeden svet, Bratislava, 2019 réžia / director | Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis krajina / country | Francúzsko / France jazyk / language | angličtina / English titulky / subtitles | slovenčina / Slovak dĺžka filmu / length | 21′ vhodné od / rating | 16+ English  Paragraphs   Online players describe their struggles with “swatting”, a life-threatening cyber-harassment phenomenon that looms over them whenever they play. The events take […]

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